What is charge capture?

MD Coder effectively takes the place of paper. MD Coder allows physicians to capture charges at the point of care and assures all data captured maintains its integrity. MD Coder effectively communicates electronically to staff and other integrated systems within the revenue cycle.

The various elements of a charge are entered once into a mobile device or on the web. The charge is stored in a central database where it is then available for review and verification.

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Solutions for every device

We provide solutions for every device, including:

iPhone & iPad



Web Browser

Benefits of MD Coder

  • Ensures no lost or missed charges
  • Reduces audit risk
  • Capture charges at the point of care in less than 5 clicks
  • See your entire patient database
  • Search the entire CPT / ICD-9-CM from a 350,000 keyword dictionary
  • Automated capture of PQRS codes
  • Completely HIPAA Compliant
  • Integration capabilities with most major PM systems using our HL7 engine
  • Create customizable fields 
  • Specialty specific cross-referenced drilldowns