U.S. Physiatry Overhauls and Implements MD Coder Charge Capture Nationwide Across 15 States

MD Tech announced that U.S. Physiatry has successfully implemented the company’s MD Coder 10 Mobile Charge Capture product across its entire organization, which delivers care at over 50 facilities across the United States. With 12 different states and multiple practices within each, “the stakes were high to complete everything needed within schedule. We had a special situation in that we had multiple moving parts including multiple interfaces into multiple care facilities including our EHR, training across 12 states, and a unified go-live date that would allow for continued care without any disruption in our revenue cycle,” said Dr. Lupinacci, Chief Medical Officer of U.S. Physiatry. “This was certainly one of our more challenging rollouts but we felt that our ability to scale would not be hindered by the complexities of this implementation. The executive team at U.S. Physiatry made a commitment to implement MD Coder and with this top down approach, we were able to partner with them to ensure a smooth rollout of MD Coder over a few months from start to finish,” said Shane Riley, Client Services Technician and Client Advocate.

When U.S. Physiatry did an evaluation of their internal functions and processes it was realized that they were losing out on revenue. The collection of paper face sheets across 12 states was an incredulous task and there was no way to calculate the exact loss. The delays in billing were substantial and at times, would miss filing deadlines and various state regulated deadlines. “We needed a system that would address our administrative costs associated with revenue capture and we found it with MD Coder,” said Jose Vargas, CEO of U.S. Physiatry. “We did a thorough evaluation of the vendors in the space and it was obviously clear that MDTech had a solution that could easily be customized for our dynamic organization. Now that we are live, MD Coder has delivered! Our days to bill have been reduced by three times, the ease of use of the system is demonstrated by 100% user adoption, the friendly support staff that made the transition on our timeline, the continued follow-up by their onboarding team to ensure providers are comfortable with the system has made this a true success,” continued Jose Vargas.

The benefits to having MD Tech and the MD Coder application can already be seen within U.S. Physiatry’s day to day operations as well as within their data. Physicians no longer need to physically annotate charges for patients via pen and paper. They simply take out their phone, make a few swipes and instantly a charge is captured. With this simplicity, MD Coder can allow doctors to do what they do best: Work with patients. With a fully integrated system, charges are instantly sent to their choice of billing company, Care Cloud. This quick and seamless connection means less revenue loss for U.S. Physiatry, a significant decrease in charge lag and greater retention of time for the physicians. “We continue to make strides in the marketplace with our charge capture application. We want to be known as the company that delivers. We deliver on time, on budget and we deliver a solution that is undoubtedly the most robust solution on the market. The partnership with U.S. Physiatry has been incredible and the integration between their 12 states of operation and their CareCloud backbone has been a true success,” said Damon Spiegel, CEO of MDTech.

About MD Tech
Medical Design Technologies, Inc. is committed to providing most intuitive, innovative, and comprehensive enterprise solutions for physicians and healthcare organizations that leverage mobile and cloud technology. Our products add value not only to the physician and patient, but also to the overall healthcare system. MDTech draws on the experience and perspectives of leading physicians to develop innovative wireless and handheld solutions that are practical, usable, and relevant to the needs of healthcare providers. Medical Design Technologies is currently the market leader for mobile and web based charge capture solutions for physicians.

About U.S. Physiatry
US Physiatry (USP) was founded in 2011 as it became evident that another round of Healthcare reform was imminent. Founded by rehabilitation leaders from all aspects of the rehab continuum, USP decided to focus on rehabilitation in all of the current settings so that both the rehab patient and the physiatrist will be well represented when changes are implemented. USP’s goals are to ensure the success of the physiatrist by providing the resources of a national company to help negotiate managed care contracts, ACO affiliations, implement an IT strategy that will allow us to focus on quality outcomes, and insure that the revenue cycle is the best possible for a physiatrist. USP believes that empowering the rehab physician to follow a patient throughout the rehab continuum will allow for the best possible outcomes for patients and is also the best way for our physician partners to maximize their income opportunities.