Help Center

At MD Coder, we pride ourselves on customer service and technical support. While the product is very mature and technical issues are very rare, you'll find working with our team to be a refreshing experience. There are a few guarantees that our team can deliver on and world class customer service and technical support is one of them. Our users can reach support directly from their device, we can provide online training and webinars directly on their device, and when a support call is initiated from the MD Coder application it is routed directly to a US Based support representative.Our entire customer service and support team is based in Houston, Texas and generally available every day from 7 am CST to midnight.




Contact Support

You can send an email to for a ticket to be created as well as visit our website and enable live chat. If you could like to call us please call anytime 1(888) 253-8813 Option 2. Our customers are also given a mobile number of their Client Experience Representative.

Getting Started Guides

 As soon as you log in to MD Coder on the handheld application you will be welcomed with an on-device welcome guide. The first time you browse the application you will be greeted with Tip Screens that disappear with a click. You can always access the guides and tips screens from the main menu on the device. Whenever we update the application with new features, you will receive an email with our release notes, how-to's and the welcome guides will be updated.

Online Training and Webinars

There is never enough training especially if you're new to the system and just don't know how to do something or want MD Coder to do something differently. You can either request this from the support options on the mobile application, email us or schedule an online session by visiting our online scheduling system here. Calendar

Online Videos

 Visit our how-to-videos or contact us anytime for a custom video. We often have a group that has enabled a particular feature or customization and wants to quickly display this to the group. We will create this quick customized tutorial for you and send it to your group. Through our MD Message (secure messaging system) we can push out a personalized video to any user, anytime and at no additional cost. This is MD Coder support! Subscribe to our MD Coder YouTube channel and be updated of any new videos that are made available.




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